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Herøya Industripark AS gjennomfører et forprosjekt for å kartlegge muligheter for autonom industripark. Dette gjøres i samarbeid med flere kompetansepartnere, samt et nettverk av bedrifter som ønsker å dele erfaringer.

SAMS Norway har sammen med flere partnere i klyngen og andre bedrifter med viktig kompetanse deltatt i kartleggingen av Herøya prosjektet. Selskapene Bouvet Norge, Bilfinger, Inovyn, Grenland Havn, Semcon, Yeti og Universitet i Sørøst-Norge, i tillegg til klyngen IGT har bidratt inn i forprosjektet med sine erfaringer.

Lage veikart vi kan bruke videre

Nå kartlegger vi muligheter og behov som skal resultere i et veikart vi kan bruke videre i arbeidet, forteller Aasland. – Dette forprosjektet vil danne grunnlaget for innføring av autonome løsninger i industriparken, og dermed danne grunnlaget for et Pilot-t hovedprosjekt, sier han. Aasland ser for seg en autonom industripark i løpet av dette tiåret. – Vi satser strategisk, sier han. – Det er behov for å bygge kompetanse gjennom forprosjektet for å minske risiko i hovedprosjektet.


Autonome systemer er i rask utvikling, og nullutslippsløsninger er et nøkkelord.

Tiltaket er en del av strategien for å bli en klimapositiv industriregion, og kobles sammen med pågående initiativ rundt utredning av optimalisert logistikk inklusive bruk av vannvei og jernbane for godstransport inn og ut av industriparken.

– Vi ser på logistikken i parken på tvers av produksjonsbedrifter, det vil si optimalisering av trafikken ved hjelp av autonome operasjoner. Vi ser også på det med å legge om fra fossilt drivstoff til andre bærekraftige energikilder, der dette er mulig, på de autonome løsningene som blir satt i drift, sier Aasland.

Det finnes ikke etablerte løsninger for industriparker i dag, og partene vil se på muligheter for konvertering av løsninger fra andre miljøer til en industripark.

Verdiskaping i norske selskaper

All verdiskapning og kompetansebygging i både forprosjekt og hovedprosjekt skjer i norske selskaper, og vi er forkjempere for deling av erfaringer og kompetanse med andre, skriver prosjektledelsen i søknaden til Innovasjon Norge. De peker også på at Herøya er satt opp som testområde for Telenor i forbindelse med innføring av 5G-nett. – Bruk av industrielle data og data fra autonome kjøretøy antas å være et verdifullt testområde i denne forbindelse.

Saken er skrevet av Herøya Industripark – les hele saken her!

Kildn, The world’s first zero emission port is intended to be built in Askøy, outside Bergen. The port is estimated to be completed by 2026. The main goal is for the port to be self-sufficient with renewable energy, and create hundreds of new, green jobs.

The project is developed by SAMS partner – COWI Norge, commissioned by Tertnes Holding AS and Rexir Holding AS. Autonomous mobility solutions together with green energy are used as part of a sustainable future-oriented port.

The port project was launched on Tuesday, May 19 from the Grieghallen in Bergen. Read more about the project here.


The intention is to build the world’s first zero-emission port for international, national and local traffic in Eidsvika on Askøy, outside Bergen. The port will be the first of its kind and will serve as a turning port for cruise ships, as well as a home port for fjord tourism and for the regional blue city lane. Now we are looking forward to good discussions about how the vision can become a reality, says Filip Rygg, CEO of Rexir Holding.


The vision is a direct response to the zero emission ports, the national and international political leaders demand. COWI has drawn up proposals for a new compact and smart port, where the foundation for mobility in the region has been focusing at sea. The vision shows innovative solutions, concepts and principles that have not been adopted before, says Håkon Iversen, Head of Marketing and Development at COWI – who has also been project manager on the assignment.

The task has consisted of visualizing, conceptualizing and realizing the customer’s vision of a new turning port for cruise ships and the home port for Hurtigruta in Western Norway. This has resulted in a vision study in which the overall perspectives establish a new future for a new port.

The port can be an important part of an extensive urban development in the area, with both underwater restaurants, hotel and conference activities, research and other activities related to the energy and destination sectors. The harbor can also become a destination in itself. Rexir Holding believes in major impacts on the entire region, with new jobs in Askøy and the rest of the region.

COWI has developed the vision study for Tertnes Holding and the real estate company Rexir will further develop the project. The government aims to establish emission-free ports by 2030 in its action plan for green shipping.


  • Total area of ground-floor quay foundation of 95,000m2 and public spaces of 55,000m2.
  • Capacity to receive close to 20,000 cruise tourists daily.
  • Produces, stores and distributes own energy using solar cell, battery storage technology and thermal energy extracted from 100 meters of sea depth.
  • The energy solutions will provide enough power using on land, and charging opportunities for sea transport.
  • Hotels, cafes, restaurants and service functions related to shipping and energy sector will be established at the port.
  • The initiator of the project is Tertnes Holding AS, and the property will be further developed by the real estate company Rexir Holding.
  • COWI has developed the vision study Kildn.
  • The project is financed through a partnership model between the actors.
  • EY is working on developing different business models for the project.




Yeti Snow Technology is one of the newest partners of SAMS Norway. Learn more about the company and the CEO Peter Due in an interview in Laagendalsposten, where he talks about his new role in Yeti Snow Technology.

Peter Due starts as CEO of Yeti Snow Technology this year. A company that develops technology for autonomous snow removal vehicles.

Like many other technology companies, Yeti’s employees are all working from home. Truly a challenge for all of us, say Peter Due who comes from a position as Executive Vice President of Yara Birkeland. Yeti is located at Dyrmyrgata 47 and Peter is sitting alone but can’t wait until all is back to normal.

It would have been great to shake hands and talk to people face to face, but it must wait, he says.

Meeting online

Now in the beginning they have had meetings on Skype, and he spends his time getting to know the employees. Nobody knows when the staff will be back in the office, but he has embraced his new role.

I am excited about the technology and the opportunities that exist in the company. Yeti have a huge potential, which over time will be even bigger, says Due.

Due is truly passioned about his leading principals and the importance of given the employees the ability to develop and use their competence.

We are all colleagues, and I am not very concerned with hierarchy. We all have different functions, roles and responsibilities with strengths and weaknesses. With focus on common goal and have fun at the same time, I am certain that all employees will enjoy working and will come to work every day.

Right timing

Due, who has been living in Kongsberg for many years, has been in charge of the construction of Yara Birkeland. And will now lead the construction of autonomous snow removal vehicles.

Is this a natural transition then? Yes, the keyword is autonomy.

Yeti is a subcontractor to Øveraasen on Gjøvik, which has signed a contract with Swedish Avinor, Swedavia, to supply autonomous snowploughs on the airport. Yeti is also developing for other types of construction equipment, and will, among other things, deliver an exciting project to the AF-group this year. Many of those who work for Yeti are employed in Semcon Norway. 15 employees work today for the company and they will increase to 20-30 employees in a short time, according to Due. Yeti was established in 2015 in a collaboration between Semcon Norway Øveraasen and Husqvarna has come on board. An importation milestone with a large player. The company had reached a point where the board would step up the business with a professional, General Manager.

We were looking for a unique person with experience from start-up and business, and now we have found the absolute right candidate for this role, says Hans Peter Havdal.

Havdal is through the position of CEO of Semcon Norway chairman of Yeti and is pleased that they reached agreement with Due.

Other types of jobs

Due is probably known to many in Kongsberg as the one who operated Friluftskompaniet for many years. But after that, he worked in Kongsberg Maritime. First with dynamic positioning, then the walkway project for service on offshore wind turbines and finally as Head of the autonomy program.

That experience gave him the job as Executive Vice President of Yara Birkeland, “door to door” – autonomous, zero-emission transport solution. Yara Birkeland has already started production at Herøya, where containers are automatically filled with fertilizer. The containers are picked up by autonomous and electric portal cranes and load carriers who drives to the quay. Automatic and electric crane both loads and unloads the ship Yara Birkeland. The ship will depart from the quay and sail all by itself either to Brevik or Larvik harbour, the voyage is monitored from a control center on land.

Technology creates new possibilities and jobs. The development of self-propelled units has created a future need for control room operators. In addition to IT competence, the requirements for these operators will be the same for manually controlled units. The difference is that they become responsible for several units in the same operation. This also applies to those who will use the technology provided by Yeti. Autonomy also means increased safety of those who work in high-risk environments, because the employees are physically not at the place where the job is performed.

Passion for technology

Due is not an educated engineer himself, but says he probably would have chosen that direction today.

Technology helps solve problems and help people. Referring to my own Apple TV and Apple watch that I consider important tools in everyday life.

Technology within Healthcare can change life.

As we grow older, the clock will monitor you by sensors who will detect changes in your body. The sensors can control body temperature, blood pressure and insulin levels. If you fall and not be able to get up again, sensors will react and contact your home nurse.

Right know, Peter Due will assist Yeti in delivering technology to autonomous snowploughs and construction machinery. Autumn 2021, the first commercial vehicle will be in operation and available for the customers.

Read the orginal publication in Laagendalsposten here.

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